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Motorhome Features & Guides

See all of our guides for motorhome features by following the link.

Find out how to use all of the following motorhome features by clicking a link below:

TV wall mount

TV aerial

Bike rack

Leveling the motorhome

Empty the chemical toilet

Hook up the power

Hot water & heating

Roof vent


Exterior Driving away Checklist

Bonnet and Engine

Fire Extinguisher

Fuel Cap

Garage Storage Area

Gas Bottle

Remove Heating Vent

Motorhome Keys

Rear Garage Door

Starting the Vehicle

Emptying the Waste Water Tank

Filling the Water Tank

Operating the Electrical Panel

Cooking in your Motorhome

The Main Door

Operating the Windows

Creating a Bed from the Diner Table

Front Double Bunk Bed

Using the Washroom


Below are some more useful links to motrhome videos to help you understand everything you need to know about your motorhome.


Motorhome Classes and Layouts

- Choosing your Motorhome


Exterior Features Videos

Utilising the equipment in your Motorhome such as the Bike Rack, Engine, Checks, Electrics and Fuel


Exterior Features continued

Getting set up and on the road with tutorials on the Garage, Gas, Heating, Keys, Parking and Starting the Vehicle


Interior Furnishings

Make your Motorhome a real home with adaptable furnishing solutions such as the beds, kitchen and TV.


Interior Features & 3 Berth Placement Variation

Learn what the panels in your Motorhome control, how to use them and operate the windows, doors and vents. If you're hiring a 3 berth model - learn how some features vary.


Motorhome Facts and Videos

Detailed videos on the Experiences you can have, Guides on choosing the right Motorhome and Interviews with the experts in Motorhome Travel!


Festivals Guide

Thinking about a great British Festival for your adventure this year? Our Festivals Guide has all you need to know!

Motorhome Videos

Waste and Water

We want to be sure you'll get the most out of your Unbeatable Hire Motorhome Holiday. To help, we've compiled a set of useful videos, like these ones that describe how to use the waste and water features in your Motorhome.

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Waste and Water - Videos

Use your waste and water facilities safely and at ease after watching these helpful tutorials.

Toilet Cassette

The Toilet Cassette is designed to be removed from your Motorhome and emptied. Be sure not to let it get to full and make sure you only empty into a designated toilet waste area. If it does not open easily, see this video on where to check. The toilet cassette is equipped with a handle for easy transportation. How to sanitise your Toilet Cassette.

Alternatively, for a step by step guide follow this link: Emptying the Chemical Toilet

Waste Water Tank

Locate and empty your Waste Water Tank; it is not advisable to drive with water in the tank. This helpful tutorial shows you how to open and activate the draining of your waste water tank.

Alternatively, for a step by step guide follow this link: Empty Waste Water Tank

Filling the Water Tank

On the outside of the Motorhome there is a cap to access the Water Tank - you can easily fill the water tank with a hose for use in your Motorhome taps and toilet. This video demonstrates how.

Alternatively, for a step by step guide follow this link: Filling the Water Tank

The Washroom

How to assure your Motorhome Toilet is ready for use - there are easy to use leavers to assure your Toilet Cassette is open or closed as you need it and how to flush. Before you can use the Washroom shower or Toilet - you must have water in your tank - as per our last video.

Alternatively, for a step by step guide follow this link: Using the Washroom

Getting to Know your Motorhome

Useful Video Guides on the internal and exterior features of your Motorhome.

Exterior Features

(Bike Rack, Engine, Checks, Electrics, Fuel)


Exterior Features continued

(Garage, Gas, Heating, Keys, Parking, Starting the Vehicle)


Waste and Water

(Filling and Emptying the Water tanks and using and emptying the Toilet)


Interior Furnishings

(Beds, Cooking, Fridge and Television operation)


Interior Features & 3 berth placement variation

(Electrical, Heating, Doors, Vents and Windows)

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Nationwide Locations

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Details on all our nationwide locations - find the ideal pick up point for your motorhome holiday.

Hire Fleet

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All you need to know to choose a motorhome details, layouts, specifications and more!


Unbeatable Hire - Motorhome hire

How to guides, holiday tips, facts and interviews to get the most from your motorhome holiday.