Attention Savers! 

Is what you are investing in still not giving you what you want?
(More cashflow, more interest, more freedom...) 

I'm not a mind reader, but everybody wants more from their savings!

Low interest rates means that traditional bank ad ISA savings returns are at an all time low - with most savers are unable to live off their savings from the interest alone.
Until now.

Imagine how much better it could be - a decent monthly return on your savings and enjoying free holidays whenever you like.
After all, isn't that what your savings should be about?

Let me explain...
Perhaps you've looked into "alternative" investment ideas in the past and found they didn't work the way you had hoped, and you're not sure what to do with your savings next or how to do it.

UnbeatableInvest is a tried, tested, trusted way to a fixed, secured, 7.50% annual return on your savings and complimentary motorhome holidays


Investor Testimonial

"Would just like to say how pleased I am with the investment I made with you.


Investment played out exactly as promised, with the annual return paid monthly direct to my bank and at the end of the term when I requested repayment the full investment was promptly repaid.


I would thoroughly recommend this as an investment to anyone looking to get both a good return without risk to capital. 


Will be re-investing with you again in the near future."

Reg Duncan

The UnbeatableInvest Guide shows how your savings can return more money and free holidays!

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    Free use of a luxury motorhome

  • A monthly cash income of £225 (For only £36,000 invested)

  • 7.50% overall return

  • Find out how in our free Guide - UnbeatableInvest!

Interest rates are set to remain in the "doldrums" for many years to come - why let your lifestyle and income continue to suffer?

It's not as if anyone expects interest rates to rise...


“I have tremendous sympathy for savers – after all they have done the right thing, set money aside, and now they are earning returns that are substantially below what they would have expected...But raising interest rates now is not the answer."
Mark Carney (Governor of the Bank of England) August 2013

Finally, your savings really can beat the banks’ abysmal interest rates and provide unbeatable holiday experiences for you and your family.

(Remember, those hard earned savings are meant to provide you with the means and the income to enjoy life more)

Investor Testimonial

"I have received my returned capital investment and wanted to acknowledge its safe and prompt return. I must say that the investment has worked very successfully and despite some initial misgivings that it seemed too good to be true, it was in fact true and you honoured the agreement entirely.


All monthly interest payments were made on time and at a rate far above what I could have earned elsewhere.


The level of personal service from the team was exemplary, we enjoyed our free motorhome rentals and got our money back to boot!


I would recommend the investment scheme to anyone."


A Godfrey, Nantwich

A great return & complimentary holidays - sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

Yes it's true - read the UnbeatableInvest Guide and you'll soon know how to receive a great monthly cashflow income and free motorhome holidays every year!

Whether you're sitting on a savings nest egg, retired or even retiring soon, the UnbeatableInvest guide reveals:

  • How to get a monthly cashflow of £225 directly to your bank

  • How 100% of your investment is fully repaid after 36 months

Join over 400+ investors who are already enjoying unbeatable holidays, experiences and an unbeatable interest return - read the UnbeatableInvest guide now!

Investor Testimonial

"We invested very successfully with Unbeatablehire for 4 years. We were the 10th investor and it was good to have a very high rate regular income every month. Before risking our sum we undertook our due diligence and all seemed fine with the investment setup as it was so well sorted out and it proved a "win win" on both sides.


The interest gained together with the returned lump sum recently helped us pay off our mortgage much faster than any other investment method.


There were no issues getting the original lump sum back under the clear contract arrangement. When we build up some more capital we will reinvest and have a few more free trips around in a motor home."


Graham Buxton-Smith, Chudleigh

Investor Testimonial


"My wife and I wish to thank you for the excellent investment experience we have had with Unbeatable Hire.

We loaned funds to enable Unbeatable to finance a vehicle 3 years ago, and we received interest payments monthly without any hitch. We received annual financial statements for our records, and all enquiries we had were answered promptly.

On two occasions we used Unbeatable motorhomes during the free periods for our holidays, which were both enjoyable and inexpensive. The professional approach at the depots, and the high quality of the vehicles gave us confidence that our investment was in good hands.

At the end of the loan period our full capital was repaid on time and in full.
Based upon our experience of Unbeatable Hire, I would happily reinvest with them."

V & T Sweet, Perth (Australia)

Here's how to get your copy of the UnbeatableInvest Guide...

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Simply register your details below to get a free copy of the UnbeatableInvest Guide & VIP invitation to our next UnbeatableInvest Open Day (24th February 2018).

The guide tells you everything you need to know about:

  • When to take your complimentary motorhome holidays


  • How we can pay a 7.50% return on your savings

  • How a "cast iron" agreement (used by banks and lenders) secures your savings

  • Who's behind this idea (The UK's fastest growing motorhome hire company)

And much, much more.

Discover how your savings can provide free motorhome holidays and a fixed 7.50% return - only with UnbeatableInvest.

Do yourself (and your savings) a favour - download the UnbeatableInvest Guide now!


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Investor Testimonial


"I always wanted to explore more and take holidays in nature. Hence I gave a lot of thought to investing in Unbeatable Invest as I could see lots of benefits and an option to invest my money for good returns.


My first thought before investment was the safety of my money as I could see that returns were extremely high and lucrative in this UK market.


One of the best parts of this investment is getting free hire of a motorhome for exciting holiday experiences, getting high returns on my money, keeping it safe, and also enjoying a luxury holiday at a reasonable price.  


I don’t regret it at all and am completely satisfied with their service due to their management and timely payment of interest into my account. I have taken out my Investment after its maturity period as I was buying a house. I am really satisfied that all my investment was returned in a timely manner.


During our investment period, We booked a 6 berth motorhome and went to the Isle of Skye for 4 days. It was our first wonderful experience and we loved it."


C.Dedhia, Aberdeen